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The state is bordering by Myanmar in the east and south and Bangladesh in the west, Mizoram occupies an area of great strategic importance in the north-eastern corner of India. It has a total of 630 miles boundary with Myanmar and Bangladesh. Mizoram has the most variegated hilly terrain in the eastern part of India. The hills are steep and are separated by rivers that flow either to the north or the south creating deep gorges between the hill ranges. The average height of the hills is about 900 metres. The highest peak in Mizoram is the Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) with a height of 2210 metres. Mizoram has a pleasant climate. It is generally cool in summer and not very cold in winter. During winter, the temperature varies from 11 C to 21 C and in the summer it varies from 20 C to 29 C. The entire area is under the direct influence of the monsoon. It rains heavily from May to September and the average rainfall in Aizawl is 208 cm. Its latitude lies at 21o58'&24o35'N and longitude- 92o 15' & 93 o 29' E.


Mizoram is a mountainous region, which became the 23rd State of the Union in February 1987. It was one of the districts of Assam till 1972 when it became Union Territory. Mizoram is a state with one of the highest literacy rates in India. Situated on the extreme south of the north-eastern India, it is a land of unending natural beauty with an array of flora and fauna. It has 40 seats of legislative assembly. One member each represents the state in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


The population of Mizoram is 0.89 million according to 2001 census and is scattered over 9 districts, 26 blocks and 817 villages. The State has the density of 42 persons per sq. km. As against decadal growth rate of 21.54% at the national level, the population of the State has grown by 29.18% over the period 1991-2001. The sex ratio of Mizoram at 935 females to 1000 males is higher than the national average of 933. Female literacy of the State rose to 86.13% from 78.6% in 1991.

State Capital

The capital of Mizoram, Aizawl is wonderfully blue in the winter, and in the enchanting view of wide stretches of a vast lake of cloud. This place has great natural beauty and endless variety of landscape and is very rich in flora and fauna. Almost all kinds of tropical tress and plants thrive in Mizoram, especially in Aizawl. The hills are marvelously green.

Health Indicators of Mizoram

The Infant Mortality Rate is 37. The Sex Ratio in the State is 975 (as compared to 940 for the country). Comparative figures of major health and demographic indicators are as follows :

IndicatorMizoram India
Total population (In crore) (Census 2011) 0.11 121.01
Decadal Growth (%) (Census 2011) 28.82 17.64
Crude Birth Rate (SRS 2013) 16.1 21.4
Crude Death Rate ( SRS 2013) 4.3 7
Natural Growth Rate ( SRS 2013) 11.8 14.4
Infant Mortality Rate ( SRS 2013) 35 40
Maternal Mortality Rate (SRS 2010-12) NA 178
Total Fertility Rate (SRS 2012) NA 2.4
Sex Ratio (Census 2011) 975 940
Child Sex Ratio (Census 2011) 971 914
Schedule Caste population (in crore) (Census 2001) 0.00003 16.67
Schedule Tribe population (in crore) (Census 2001) 0.084 8.43
Total Literacy Rate (%) (Census 2011) 91.58 74.04
Male Literacy Rate (%) (Census 2011) 93.72 82.14
Female Literacy Rate (%) (Census 2011) 89.40 65.46

Health Infrastructure of Mizoram

ParticularsRequiredIn positionshortfall
Sub-centre 176 370 *
Primary Health Centre 26 57 *
Community Health Centre 6 9 *
Health worker (Female)/ANM at Sub Centres & PHCs 427 650 *
Health Worker (Male) at Sub Centres 370 394 *
Health Assistant (Female)/LHV at PHCs 57 19 38
Health Assistant (Male) at PHCs 57 22 35
Doctor at PHCs 57 49 8
Obstetricians & Gynecologists at CHCs 9 0 9
Pediatricians at CHCs 9 0 9
Total specialists at CHCs 36 0 36
Radiographers at CHCs 9 5 4
Pharmacist at PHCs & CHCs 66 46 20
Laboratory Technicians at PHCs & CHCs 66 61 5
Nursing Staff at PHCs & CHCs 120 153 *

(Source: RHS Bulletin, March 2012, M/O Health & F.W., GOI)


List & Addresses of State Officials

Principal Secretary
Shri  Lalhmingthanga
Secretary (Health & FW )
Health & FW Department,
Government of Mizoram,Room Bo. 222
Mizoram New Secretariat,  Aizawl - 796001
Tele off : 0389- 2322252
Fax No : 0389-2319233
Mob : 09436366867
Email :,
Mission Director
Dr. K. Lalpiakzuala 
Mission Director (NRHM)
Directorate of Health Services,
Mizoram State Health Society,
Govt of Mizoram, Dinthar,
Aizwal - 796001, Mizoram
Tele office : 0389- 2324662
Fax No : 0389-2300189
Mob : 09436140696
Email :

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