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The state of Goa is located between Latitudes 15o degrees, 48'00" N and between 14o , 53'54" N and Longitudes 74o, 20'13" E and 73o 40" 33" E. It is 1,022 meters above sea-level. It has a land area of 3702 Sq. Kms and coast line of 104 kms. Goa is bounded on the north by Sindhudurg district of Maharastra state, on the West by the Arabian sea, on the South by Karwar district of Karnataka state and on the East by Belgaum district of Karnataka state.The highest mountain is Sonsogor in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats which is 3,827 feet. The Goa landscape is bisected by two major rivers that open into the arabian sea which are as follows:

a) The Zuari which is approximately 39 miles and
b) The Mandovi which is approximately 38.5 miles.

The other major rivers include the Tiracol, Chapora, Sal and the Talpona rivers. All the rivers originate in the Sayhadri ranges and flow westward into the Arabian Sea and are navigable throughout the year.

One third of Goa is covered by forests, the actual number being 1424.38 Sq kms. Of this, the Government owns 1224.38 Sq kms, the rest (approx 200 Sq km) is held by the private sector.


The state of Goa is the 25th state of the Union, which has a legislative assembly with a strength of 40 elected members. Goa also has 3 elected members to the Parliament. The Governor is the official head of state and is appointed by the President of India. The Chief Minister heads the council of ministers and is democratically elected and forms the government and is responsible for policies of the government during his reign.

For administrative purposes Goa is divided into two districts- North Goa and South Goa with headquarters at Panaji and Margao respectively together with six divisions and a further sub-divided into 11 talukas.


In the ancient period, Goa was called Gomanchala, Gomant, Goapuri, Gowapur and Gopakapattana. Goan's were originally the descendents from the native Dravidians who where gradually overrun by the Aryan advance from the north around 1500 BC. Aryans who settled in Western India named their state Konkan. Goa, a part of Konkan, became an important port of the ancient and medieval traders like the Phoenicians, the Persians, the Arabs, the Sumarians, the Greeks and the Romans. Until the11th century, there was a succession of empires rising and falling in Goa. Earlier, it was part of the territories of Ashoka, the great Buddhist emperor of the Mauryan Empire who reigned from 273-236 BC. In the 2nd century BC Goa was under the Satavahanas. The Western Kshatrapus ruled next from 150 AD. Then came the Bhojas who made their capital Chandrapur (now Chandor). From AD 540 the Chalukyas of Badami ruled for about 200 years. The Rashtrakutas exercised their influence from 753 AD to 973 AD. Then came the Kadambas who ruled from 1008 AD to 1300 AD. Under their rule Goa became India's maritime power and they built Gopakapattana (now Goa Velha) a few kilometres south west of old Goa which remained the capital until their fall. By1312 the political authority of Goa passed to the Muslims, who under Alaud-din Khilji's general, Malik Kafur defeated the Kadambas. The rise of the Vijayanagar empire had its effect on Goa. Vidyaranya Madhavthe ruler of the Vijayanagar defeated the Muslims in 1370 AD. The Bahamani Sultans dominated the political authority over Goa in about 1470, and in 1498 the Adil Shahi dynasty at Bijapur. It was in 1510, that Alfonso de Albequerque captured Goa from Yusuf Ali Adil Shah. This brought in the Portuguese who from then onwards influenced every walks of Goan life. Christianity was absorbed by the inhabitants. The intermixture of the locals who settled with the Portuguese soldiers evolved a new culture that was unique. The Portuguese made the city of Panaji the capital of Goa in 1843. It was a Portuguese colony till 1961, after which, it became a part of the Indian Union. Goa attained full statehood on 30th May1987 when Daman and Diu retained separate identity as a Union Territory.

The state of Goa has an area of 3702 sq. km. and a population of 1.45 million. There are 2 districts, 11 blocks and 359 villages. The State has population density of 364 per sq. km. (as against the national average of 312). The decadal growth rate of the state is 15.21% (against 21.54% for the country) and the population of the state is growing at a slower rate than the national rate.

Health Indicators of Goa

The Infant Mortality Rate is 11, Sex Ratio in the State is 968 (as compared to 940 for the country). Comparative figures of major health and demographic indicators are as follows :

Demographic, Socio-economic and Health profile of Goa State as compared to India figures

Total population (In crore) (Census 2011) 0.14 121.01
Decadal Growth (%) (Census 2011) 8.17 17.64
Infant Mortality Rate (SRS 2013) 9 40
Maternal Mortality Rate (SRS 2010-12) NA 178
Total Fertility Rate (SRS 2012) NA 2.4
Crude Birth Rate (SRS 2013) 13 21.4
Crude Death Rate (SRS 2013) 6.6 7
Natural Growth Rate (SRS 2013) 6.4 14.4
Sex Ratio (Census 2011) 968 940
Child Sex ratio (Census 2011) 920 914
Schedule Caste population (in crore) (Census 2001) 0.0024 16.6
Schedule Tribe population (in crore) (Census 2001) 0.00006 8.4
Total Literacy Rate (%) (Census 2011) 87.40 74.04
Male Literacy Rate (%) (Census 2011) 92.81 82.14
Female Literacy Rate (%) (Census 2011) 81.84 65.46

Health Infrastructure of Goa

ParticularsRequiredIn positionshortfall
Sub-centre 110 205 *
Primary Health Centre 18 19 *
Community Health Centre 4 5 *
Health worker (Female)/ANM at Sub Centres & PHCs 224 240 *
Health Worker (Male) at Sub Centres 205 137 68
Health Assistant (Female)/LHV at PHCs 19 18 1
Health Assistant (Male) at PHCs 19 0 19
Doctor at PHCs 19 41 *
Obstetricians & Gynecologists at CHCs 5 3 2
Pediatricians at CHCs 5 0 5
Total specialists at CHCs 20 6 14
Radiographers at CHCs 5 7 *
Pharmacist at PHCs & CHCs 24 25 *
Laboratory Technicians at PHCs & CHCs 24 22 2
Nursing Staff at PHCs & CHCs 54 132 *

(Source: RHS Bulletin, March 2012, M/O Health & F.W., GOI)



List and Addresses of State Officials

Commissioner & Secretary
Dr. Sarat Chauhan 
Commissioner & Secretary (Health & FW),
Government of Goa,
Secretariat, Porvorim,
Goa - 403521
Tel : +91-832- 2419405,2419440
Fax : +91-832- 2419603
Mob : +91-07722032444
Email :
Mission Director
Dr. Sanjeev Dalvi
Director (Health Services)
& Mission Director NRHM
Directorate of Health Services
Campal, Panaji- Goa-403001
Tele fax : 0832- 2225561
Mob : 09011025033
E-mail :
Regional Director
Dr. V. L. Gokak
Sr. Regional Director
The Sr. Regional (H & F.W.)
84/2, Parvati,sohkar Nagar
"Darpan" Building, 1st Floor,
Dahakarnagar - 2,
Pune - 411009
Tele Off : +91-20-24226271
Fax No : +91-20-24225673
Mob : +91- 9860088119
Email :
State RCH Officers
Dr. Jose D'Sa
Chief Medical Officer,
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off.: +91-832-2225976
Tel.Fax : +91-832-2225561
Mob : +91-9011025036
Email :
Director in Chief / Director Health Services
Dr. Sanjeev Dalvi
Director (Health Services)
Directorate of Health Services
Campal, Panaji- Goa-403001
Tele fax : 0832- 2225561
Mob : 09011025033
E-mail :

Disease Control Programs

Control ProgrammeOfficersContact Details
(National Programme for Control of Blindness)
Dr. Vasudev Devari
Chief Medical Officer
Directorate of Health Services
Campal Panaji, GOA
Tel. Off.: +91-832-2225646
Fax : +91-832-2222319
Mob : +91-9890063511
(National Leprosy Eradication Programme)
Dr. M. Mohandas
Chief Medical Officer,
National Leprosy Eradication Programme,
Dte. of Health Services, Govt. of Goa,
Campal, Panaji - 403 001, Goa
Tel/Fax : +91-832-2227809
Mob : +91-9011025027
Email :
(Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme)
Dr. Pratima Thali
Chief Medical Officer,
TB Control Programme,
Provedoria Building, 18th June Road,
Panaji, Goa - 403001
Tel. Off.:+91-832-2224787
Email :
(Integrated Disease Survlliance Programme)
Dr. Utkarsh Betodkar
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off.: +91-832-2225538
+91-832-2225538 (Fax)
+91-9011025036 (Mob)
Email :
(National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme)
Dr. Dipak Kabadi
Deputy Director,
National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme,
Directorate of Health Services,
2nd Floor, Campal,
Panaji-Goa 403001
Tel. Off.: +91-832-225837, +91-832-2419417
Fax : +91-832-2222319, +91-832-2222537
Mob.: +91-9011025026
NRHM Nodal Officer Dr. Deepak Kabadi
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off. : +91-832-2225837
Mob. : +91-9011025026
(State Programme Manager)
Dr. Preetam Naik
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off. : +91-832-2225976
Mob.: +91-9552518580
State Finance Manager Shri Pratap Dhuri,
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off. : +91-832-2225646
Email :
State Account Manager Mrs. Vanisha Dessai
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off. : +91-832-2225976
Mob.: +91-9923172527
State Data Manager Shri Satyajeet Patil
Directorate of Health Services,
Campal, Panaji, Goa
Tel. Off. : +91-832-2225976
Mob.: +91-9850192295