Basic Structure

The suggested composition of RKS / HMS is as follows:

RKS / HMS would be a registered society set up in all District Hospitals / Sub District Hospitals / CHCs / FRUs/ PHCs. It may consist of the following members:-

  • People's representatives MLA / MP
  • Health officials (including an Ayush doctor)
  • Local district officials
  • Leading members of the community
  • Local CHC/ FRU in-charge
  • Representatives of the Indian Medical Association
  • Members of the local bodies and Panchayati Raj representative
  • Leading donors

The RKS/HMS will not function as a Government agency, but as an NGO as far as functioning is concerned. It may utilize all Government assets and services to impose user charges and shall be free to determine the quantum of charges on the basis of local circumstances. It may also raise funds additionally through donations, loans from financial institutions, grants from government as well as other donor agencies. Moreover, funds received by the RKS / HMS will not be deposited in the State exchequer but will be available to be spent by the Executive Committee constituted by the RKS/HMS. Private organizations offering high tech services like pathology, MRI, CAT SCAN, Sonography etc. could be permitted to set up their units within the hospital premises in return for providing their services at a rate fixed by the RKS/ HMS.